Payroll Accounting Services

Payroll Accounting Services

What is Payroll Accounting?

Payroll Accounting is a process in which the company keeps the record of its employees’ compensation including:

  • Annual Salary, compensation, bonuses etc. earned by the employees.
  • Withholding of payroll taxes like personal income tax, national insurance and taxes on other work benefits.
  • Employer’s portion or expense of benefits like health insurance, paid holidays, sick leave, pensions, workers compensation insurance etc.

Accountants assist you with processing the monthly payroll for your employees. They make sure you are paying the right amount of payroll taxes and calculate the earnings for each employee.

Sometimes managing a complete payroll process along with the company’s administration process is quite exhaustive thereby resulting in payroll errors. Outsourcing accounting for payrolls ensures flawless procedures which will help you to focus your time and energy on your business functions. Efficient accounting services are necessary for every organisation to streamline payroll, improve productivity and management.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Outsourcing Payroll Management Services?

Payroll accounting services can benefit your business.

  1. Cost Savings

You can save a considerable number of pounds by hiring a payroll accountant. Your company can save on software costs, training costs and compliance related expenses.

  1. Time Savings

This is a crucial factor. According to a survey, the average time spent on payroll processing for 50 people was about 18% per month. This is equal to a professional accountant processing payroll for 250 employees. This excludes processing changes in payroll, administrating benefits regarding payroll accounting.

  1. Management Savings

You can save the time and energy of your management team from working on ongoing payroll functions by outsourcing payroll accountancy services. This will help to improve their productivity as the HR team will focus on other important tasks which involve more long-term benefits for the company. This also ensures more accuracy, security and compliance in payroll processing of the company.

At A to Z Accountants we understand the importance of finding a good service that can assist you in payroll management for your company. We have an experienced team having deep domain expertise that will deliver accurate payroll services and help your business grow successfully. In addition to payroll management services, we offer a wide range of accounting services that will support your business.

Payroll Accountants in Birmingham

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