Media and Entertainment Accountants

Accountants for the Entertainment Industry

A to Z Accountants are experienced in being media and entertainment accountants. We recognise the different types of accounting required depending on which branch of the industry you are coming from. Since our formation in 1980, we have advised and dealt with many types of businesses and personalities. Helping them to save and make money through tax savings and savvy investments.

Companies and Individuals Welcome

A to Z Accountants have worked with both companies and individuals, delivering accounting services for the media and entertainment industry, to make sure their accounts are up-to-date and compliant with the relevant authorities, including HRMC.

Advice on Savings and Investment

We are used to the peculiarities thrown up by the business. For instance, in production, some people may be paid abroad and the tax they pay may be slightly different from a normal payment to someone in the UK. This is an example of an area where tax knowledge will keep you within the rules. We can advise you on what products and services you employ are tax-deductible and which ones are not. We are fully aware of government changes in tax legislation to encourage investment in this important and thriving sector and the contribution it makes to the economy. We stay updated on changes and updates to these regulations.

Survival Through the Good Times and the Bad

Producing a concert or festival has many facets and can lead to a very complex accountancy set-up and you’ll need all our experience and expertise to help you balance the books and make the profit your hard work deserves. If your business is a cinema, theatre, bowling alley or some other type of entertainment business that delivers directly to the public, we have helped companies like yours before, to thrive through the recession or Covid isolation, find investments and plan for the future.

Media and Entertainment Accountants

We have helped businesses who have run into difficulties find alternative investment opportunities and sometimes taken businesses down a different route improving their cash flow and revenues. No 2 businesses are the same, so we will listen and get to know your business before we offer you the business advice and services that you require.

Entertainment & Media Accountants

So if you are looking for media and entertainment accountants. Please give us a call today to schedule your free consultation! Or fill out a contact form and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

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