Do I Need Accounting Services?

There are no regulations to state that a business needs an accountant. However, all businesses have a lawful duty to ensure that their books and records are kept up to date for financial data and the relevant forms and accounts are submitted on time to HRMC and other relevant authorities.

Saving you Money & Time…

A to Z Accountants believe that using us will end up saving you more money than if you chose not to have an accountant. You can rely on A to Z to know all the rules and regulations which will make you compliant with the law as well as the areas where you can get tax relief.

If you go it alone and make errors, you’ll probably end up paying an accountant to sort out the books anyway.

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The areas we consider that you would be risking are as follows:

  • Paying too much tax.
  • Not claiming the reliefs that may be available due to insufficient knowledge.
  • Penalties for late or non-compliance.
  • Potential errors in data or information submitted.
  • Tension or worry, about whether you are complying correctly.
  • Incorrect business set-up structure.
  • Extra time spent on administrative and compliance issues rather than focussing on obtaining additional business.

What our accounting services can do for you and your business:

  • Help you to structure your company in the most tax-efficient way possible.
  • Help you to understand the best way to take money out of your company.
  • Understand what you can claim by way of expenses and the impact on your income and taxes.
  • Prepare and complete your personal self-assessment tax return each year.
  • Understand when, how much and where to send payments for all taxes that are due.
  • Explain the benefits of not taking every penny out of your company along with other tax planning opportunities.
  • Send e-mail and mobile text alerts so you never miss a deadline; we understand that you are busy and may miss one notification this is why we produce several.
  • Preparation of Company Year-End Accounts to be produced within 30 days of us receiving all the relevant information from you.

Help you to understand all of your tax liabilities both personal and corporate, these include:

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