Accounting Services for Limited Companies

Limited Companies Accountants

If you own a limited company, an obvious question that comes to mind is: ‘Is it necessary to hire a professional accounting service or can we do it ourselves?’ Although not essential, there are many important reasons behind many owners employing accountants for limited companies, rather than managing their own accounts.

Apart from managing your accounts at the year-end and submitting your VAT returns, a professional accountant can perform the following duties:

  • Registering the company with all tax departments – PAYE, VAT, Corporation Tax etc.
  • Setting up and managing the company payroll along with fulfilling the new RTI rules.
  • Giving advice on tax planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Dealing with company-related correspondence like HMRC, Companies House etc.
  • Giving advice on dividend administration.
  • Providing professional references for lettings, mortgages etc.

What an Accountant can do for a Limited Company

Hiring accountants for small limited companies is very beneficial as it gives you a tension-free experience regarding your company’s financial moves. Professional accountants are aware of the difficulties arising while dealing with tax authorities, dealing with tax enquiries, the correct format to submit information to HMRC etc.

For example, an accountant can give you advice on the expenses you can cancel against Corporation tax if you have or don’t have enough retained profit for declaring a dividend legally etc.

If you own an established limited company or are looking to set one up, then A to Z Accountants are here to help you. Our limited company accounting service minimises the administrative work along with giving you advice on your company’s financial status. Some of our offers for limited company owners include:

  • Tax Planning: We work with our clients to produce accurate tax solutions so that they can operate in an organised way.
  • Wealth Management: We can help you to design an efficient financial strategy on a regular basis so that your company can attain its financial goals.
  • Business Support: We assist you with your bookkeeping and payroll.
  • Speedy Tax Returns: We assure you to complete your tax return within the deadline date.
  • Business Advice & Strategy: A to Z Accountants provides advice on the development and growth of your business and makes it smooth for you to track the daily running activities of your company.

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